Best Workout 101 – Burt Myer’s Boot Camp

Feeling burned out in your current workout or finding it difficult to even lace up those tennis shoes? Burt Myers’ Boot Camp offers the kick in the pants your lackluster derriere needs. Burt is a favorite personal trainer at Laguna’s Art of Fitness and offers the Boot Camp to people of all ages and fitness […]

Laguna Beach’s Lumberyard Restaurant a solid hit all around

Laguna Beach’s new Lumberyard Restaurant is within weeks of celebrating its 1-year anniversary. Happily, despite opening its doors at about the same time the world markets decided to freefall, this Laguna Beach Restaurant has enjoyed a profitable first year with locals and tourists alike. In early 2008, many Laguna Beach longtimers felt some trepidation when […]

Laguna Beach best lobster dinner – Coyote Grill

In October in Laguna Beach, it’s all about the lobster … for the month’s duration, you’ll find us standing on street corners in South Laguna, anxiously awaiting the unfurling of the “Local Lobster” banner at Coyote Grill. These babies are done “Baja Grilled” style and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything along the entire […]

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