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These Global Top Sellers Began in Laguna Beach Garages

Given that we seem to have skipped winter this year in Laguna Beach, it’s time to discuss a very serious “summer” matter: Flip-flops. Proper flip-flop selection is a paramount decision for every man, woman and child. Fortunately, two of the best-selling flip-flops in the entire world originated from two Laguna Beach garages.  (How weird is […]

OC Animal Med Center Offers Down-Home Southern Vet Love (and Specials!)

 I love it when someone in a timeworn industry shakes it up a little bit. The OC Animal Medical Center in Laguna Canyon (about 100 yards east of Ganahl Lumber) has done some serious shakin’ and stirrin’ with the recent partnership of two great vets, each of whom arrived from the great state of Georgia. […]

The Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach

  Initially released in 2013, the  Official Travel Guide for Laguna Beach is a 4-color, 270-page book on all the best food, drinks, places and events in Laguna Beach.  Written from a local’s perspective, Laguna Beach’s Best is an objective, insider’s travel guide to Laguna Beach. Avoid all the tourist fare and traps and, instead, […]

Best Holiday Greeting Cards: Laguna Drug

  While some of our crazier acquaintances might head out to the pre-Black Friday Christmas sales on Thanksgiving night, I prefer to believe that  true holiday fanatics will be hanging around the home hearth on Thanksgiving night with all their favorite peeps around them. For me, Thanksgiving evening means the start to two great things:  […]