Skyloft is re-introducing the classic “date night” with its new “Fancy Friday” concept, debuting Friday, Feb. 9th.

Perfectly situated on the Friday leading up to Valentine’s Day, Fancy Friday encourages couples – and yes, of course, groups of friends – for a night out where you can get dinner and a big show in one place. (A much more inventive pre-Valentine’s gift than the usual candy and roses fare, don’t you think?)

Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back!

On Friday, Feb. 9th, the Peter Jacobs band, a 9-piece band with horn section will accompany Matt Mauser, a spot-on performer who’s often called “the closest thing to Frank Sinatra you’ve ever seen AND heard.”

“Spot On” Sinatra? Really!

So. I’m admitting this publicly for the first time: I’ve been a closet Sinatra fan for years. In fact, of the many Pandora stations I have on my desktop, it’s the Frank Sinatra station that normally opens and closes my every workday. From Louis Armstrong to Mel Tormé, and every Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Rat Packer song in between, I am simply a Standards fool.

When people claim, then, that someone is a spot-on Sinatra crooner, I don’t believe it for a minute. When I learned, though, that Matt Mauser also fronts for the popular rock band, Tijuana Dogs, I began to see the possibilities. Mauser has great pipes, no doubt about it, but could he really pull off my buddy, Frank?

Answer: Heck yes, he can. It’s quite unbelievable, actually.

For Frank Sinatra fans, Matt Mauser is absolutely uncanny. The show, Funky Frank, incorporates true-to-form songs once branded by Ol’ Blue Eyes, himself. Additionally, Matt and band will be tossing in a few modern rock and R&B classics that Matt says he’s sure Sinatra would have loved singing, all done Sinatra style. (I can’t even imagine, but it certainly has my curiosity piqued.)

Tickets are Online Now

Tickets for the show (only) are just $25 at or $35 at the door (if any remain). The show begins at 9:00 p.m.

Valentine “Extras” Menu Debuts at Fancy Friday, Too

Interested in arriving early for dinner first?

You have full access to the regular dinner menu (you have got to try the ribs or the burger I’ve ranked in my Top 5 in town, the Skyloft Cheeseburger). In addition to the regular menu, Chef Arthur will be introducing a Valentine’s Extras menu that evening, too, which offers a handful of his own “family favorites,” including new Crawfritters, an 8 oz. Filet with Tamale, Seared Duck Breast with Poached Port Wine Pears, and two new decadent desserts.

Get your tickets. Grab yourself a classic martini and a great steak. And enjoy a tribute to Frank Sinatra at the height of his career when he was singing with the Count Bassie Orchestra at the Las Vegas Sands. I guarantee you will leave that evening feeling like you’ve got the world on a string.