If you’re still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this season, I’ve got the solution! Still fronted by stellar vocalist David Wakeling, The English Beat’s original band will be making a rare live appearance on Mozambique’s Main Stage on Saturday, Jan. 6th. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here.

In 1979, while the rest of the world was listening to The Knack’s My Sharona and still dancing to the disco ball beats of Donna Summer and The Bee Gees, a small band named “The Beat” took to the stage for their very first show in Birmingham, England. With a crazy, funky, fluid crossover play between soul, Reggae, pop and punk, the band created a new kind of dance rhythm that became an overnight sensation.

Still one of the placeholders in what music historians refer to as “The British Two Movement” or “British Part II,” The English Beat leaped to an immediate and giant platform with their first single hit, a poppy/punky remake of Smokey Robinson’s mournful Tears of a Clown.  From there, it was five years of worldwide touring during which the band released three chart-favorite albums.

Their hit tunes were a turning point in international music, and still bring back iconic memories of the early ’80s when the whole world was a’changin.

When English beat disbanded in the mid-80s, the musicians parted as friends. Each continued to carve new paths in the music scene with Wakeling forming the band General Public, and original bandmates David Steele and Andy Cox forming Fine Young Cannibals with new vocalist Roland Gift. The two band members that English Beat had collected along the way – Ranking Roger and Saxa, the legendary Jamaican saxophonist – also formed their own band, International Beat, which continued to lead a worldwide movement in ska.

Happily, English Beat reunited in 2003 for a UK tour, and the fans proved so wildly grateful that the musicians decided to keep The Beat alive.

On January 6th at Mozambique, dance and sing along to favorites such as Mirror in the Bathroom, Save it For Later, I Confess, Stand Down Margaret, and their cover of a song written by Andy Williams, Can’t Get Used to Losing You. Additionally, enjoy the English Beat’s newest hits since their reunion, as well as hits from Wakeling’s band, General Public.

English Beat will be on Mozambique’s Main Stage (Shebeen Lounge, 2nd level) on Saturday, Jan. 6th.
Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here.