Laguna Beach’s Crescent Bay park offers stellar views

There are a number of parks in Laguna Beach that are great for people watching (Heisler), sunset views (Alta Laguna) and jungle gyms (Bluebird), but the park at Crescent Bay is a quiet beauty you don’t want to miss.

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Best Laguna Beach park 101: For relaxation and great views, where do you go?

There are a number of parks in Laguna Beach that are great for people watching (Heisler), sunset views (Alta Laguna) and jungle gyms (Bluebird), but the park at Crescent Bay is a quiet beauty you don’t want to miss.

Tucked away on a tiny, one-way neighborhood street, if you don’t look closely, you’ll even miss the directional sign from PCH. The cul-de-sac you’ll pull up in is ringed by lovely homes with lovely people inside (ahem) – please mind your manners. Crescent Bay isn’t a party park – you’ll see that the moment you step foot on its grounds.

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The views are spectacular. Your photo opps for the stunning Laguna Beach coastline are no better. The rambling grassy slope is perfect for picnics. And if you wind your way down the walkway, you’ll see Seal Rock where – yes – seals normally hang out with their pups on jutting remains from a long-ago volcano.

Insider Tips:

The cove directly below Crescent Bay is renowned as a favorite dive spot in Southern California.

Many locals will grab a burger or – better – a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich at the Husky Boy on PCH, then trot over to Crescent Bay for lunch. Locals will swear that the short walk to Crescent is just the right amount of time you need for the special sauce on that Teriyaki burg to flavor the bun.

How to Find Laguna Beach’s Crescent Bay

From Laguna’s Main Beach (the first big beach at Broadway and PCH), go north (as if you’re heading to Newport) about 1 mile. You’ll see a Shell station on your right – Crescent Bay Drive will be just a couple streets further on your left. Turn there and proceed a quarter of a mile – the street cul-d-sacs at the park.

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