Scott McIntosh’s Reunion Kitchen Opens Today in Boat Canyon

What a difference four … I mean six … I mean nine months makes. In the same gestation period that brings a newborn human to this planet, Restaurateur Scott McIntosh has finally succeeded in opening his doors of Reunion Kitchen in North Laguna’s Boat Canyon. The long-anticipated gem opens tonight (Friday). Back in January, 2016, […]

Central Coastal Peruvian Makes Top 50 O.C. Restaurants List

Today’s mail delivered this month’s Modern Luxury magazine and, as I was hoping, it’s all about Orange County’s “50 Finest Restaurants.” I hustled to my kitchen table and hastily tore through the pages. I figure Laguna Beach has more restaurants per square inch than a centipede has legs, so we’ve got to have several standout […]

Savannah Chop House Closes in Laguna Niguel

Initially the brainchild of Restaurateur David Wilhelm in the 1990s, Savannah Chop House in Laguna Niguel closed its doors yesterday. While the “classic old school” steakhouse was initially as popular as Wilhelm’s Laguna-based French 75, he chose to step away when his company, Culinary Adventures, wobbled – and eventually fell – under the stress of an […]

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